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Wests Tigers: Prominence to Extinction

It began, fittingly enough, with the news that Mitchell Moses was leaving to sign with the Eels, and ended with the news that James Tedesco is possibly crossing the Red Sea to go to the Sydney Roosters.

The most dramatic few weeks in recent times for Tigers fans, has finally ended, and the Exodus has happened.

The desertion of the Wests Tigers for the lands of milk and honey by Mitchell Moses, Aaron Woods and James Tedesco, is unfortunately not much of a surprise.

The joint venture has been a mess during the trio’s time at the club, with the board managing to somehow botch every decision made during their time out west.

The board has messed up enough to put doubts in even the most fervent of Wests Tigers believers, let alone in the minds of those players looking to compete and make a name for themselves in the competition at the highest level.

I truly believed that Mitchell Moses was going to be the one to lead the Wests Tigers back to the Promised Land, to match the success of Benji Marshall, and Tim Sheens.

Alas it seems, due to the board’s inept decision making, as if we will have to put our faith, and hope into a new group, this time led by Ivan Cleary and Luke Brooks.

There are definitely worse coaches to put ones faith in *cough* Jason Taylor *cough*, but the board is a tall order for Ivan Cleary to overcome.

I for one hope the board lets Ivan at least stabilise the club for a few years, instead of continuing this coaching carousel of recent years, and give him a long leash to rebuild us back into a finals team.

It looks like they have given him this leeway early with the big signings of Josh Reynolds, and Ben Matulino for next season, but whether they allow him to continue to do what he wants throughout the tenure is another question.

Unfortunately, with the current state of the board, that seems like an impossibility. At the end of the day, regardless of what the board does, at least we aren’t Newcastle fans.

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